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Complete the sentence.

If you stand in the cold for a long time, you will get sick.

  1. Speak on the theme “Communications”.

Communication is the relation that involves interaction between two participants. The word communication is a Latin word that means to share. It is the transfer of information, ideas that can be conducted in different ways. Among the three components of communication, the sender is the most involved person.

The sender has the whole idea of the matter that is to be delivered. The receiver does not know about the sender and the subject of the sender’s information. Communication can be a one-way or a two-way process. Communication serves as a way or means for connecting people and places. It has expanded to relate to diverse perspectives.

Communications can be formal as well as informal. Formal communications are meant to establish substantial works in the business sector and work out business relationships or work relationships. Informal communication may hold various emotions and personal feelings. Communication carried out by different people highly depends on an individual’s speaking and writing capability. Superior communication skills pave the way for success.

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